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Fresh Truffles all year around

Fresh Truffles or products delivered to your door everywhere in South Africa  at

Every day cooking a special occasion or a great idea for a gift

White Truffle.jpg

September to December

The white truffle has an unmistakable aroma that makes it known all over the world and that it blends perfectly with the first course and with the main course dishes of meat or fish. White Truffle always needs avoiding cooking for a long time: therefore white truffle is perfect for slicing fresh on the dishes already cooked

White Winter Truffle

Black Uncinato Truffle.jpg

September to December

The color is dark and also the aroma and the flavor are much more decisive than those of the Black Summer Truffle. It is ideal as all black trufffles to be heated

Black Autumn Truffle


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Black Winter Truffle.jpg

Decemeber to March

Black Premium Winter Truffle  perfume is aromatic, not too pungent and sometimes it is fruity. The taste is delicate but firm, it does not have problems with longer cooking, making it suitable for the preparation of first courses dishes and second courses with meat

Black Winter Truffle

Black Summer Truffle.jpg

May to August

Black Summer Truffle aroma is delicate and pleasant, with a hint of mushrooms which is also evident in the flavor.
Also known as Scorzone it is one of the cheapest truffles but is still a delight in the kitchen. As all “black” truffles its do not fear longer heating & cooking time and can accompany any kind of recipe

Black Summer Truffle


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