This is our first Coffee Roasting experience, a great way to start your day

Espresso – Hazelnut, lime, full bodied with a sweet liquorish finish

Cappuccino – satisfying intricacy of Marzipan, chocolate and butter


Single Origin Rwanda Inzovu is the perfect bean for a more pronounced acidity with  wonderful fruity flavours


Espresso - Complex tangy fruit flavours, velvety mouthful with a citrus finish

Cappuccino - Biscuits and “crème brulee” with a pronounced sweetness 

African Blend

Coffee beans only from Africa to produce a blend packed with flavour with mild acidity

Espresso – thick, pleasantly spicy with a buttery mouthful and cacao finish

Cappuccino – Roasted nuts with definite chocolate flavour

Sor Giorgio

Sor Giorgio is a typical Italian Coffee blend, the recepie is thanks to Giorgio our good friend from Rome  


Espresso – Full body, Nutty and herbal with a caramel mouthful and a clean palate


Cappuccino – Buttery with a strong nutty and coco finish

Fresh Truffles &Caviar

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We import Fresh Seasonal Truffles

through out the year and we courrier daily to you

Best Italian quality to your table

Truffle Oil, Butter and Sauces